Research & Development

Research & Development Philosophy

“Deliver our contribution to society by developing drugs that truly benefit patients”, is our mission in research and development. ONO is committed to challenging against the diseases that remain unconquered as yet and in the disease areas where patients are not satisfied with the treatment and high medical needs are expected, to create and develop original and breakthrough pharmaceutical products.

Regarding research activities, we possess a rich “library” of novel compounds in the course of our research into bioactive lipids and enzyme inhibitors, and pursued our original path in drug discovery using Compound-Orient, enabling us to identify novel and innovative compounds that act on diverse targets and drugs that are effective against disease or support treatment. As well as maximizing the potential of the well-stocked library, Compound-Orient is being updated with technologies that can pinpoint more accurately and speedily compounds that may be suitable for disease or therapy.

Our key aim is to discover and create innovative drugs that can treat patients worldwide through Open Innovation, combining our own original drug discovery methods with cutting-edge science and technologies acquired through alliances with Japanese and foreign biopharmaceutical companies and through collaborations with academic and research institutions.

With regard to clinical development, we are actively engaged in performing clinical studies in Japan, USA and Europe, and facilitate clinical development globally and efficiently, aiming to prove the effectiveness and safety of our novel and innovative drug candidates in shorter time by taking advantage of the results from multinational clinical trials and other international studies.