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Research Organization

A Research Structure Combining Knowledge with Technologies

The development of innovative new drugs is driven by the spirit of challenge and motivation of individual scientists and their ability to think along new paths. We set out high but clear targets to enhance such motivation and creative thinking among its researchers. Our research organization is based on project teams where members converge from different fields, bringing cutting-edge expertise from contrasting backgrounds. The interaction within the teams stimulates and mutually enhances our research achievements.
Drug discovery research coordinates the efforts of three laboratories: the Minase Research Institute, the Tsukuba Research Institute and the Fukui Research Institute. State-of-the-art facilities for genomics and metabolomics technologies, X-ray crystallography, high-throughput synthesis and high-throughput screening are fully deployed in our efficient and speedy discovery research efforts.

The Minase Research Institute

The Institute engages in medicinal chemistry research, research investigating the properties and efficacy of compounds, discovery research for cancer treatment, and formulations research to enable assurance of their quality and functions as pharmaceutical products.

The Fukui Research Institute

The Institute works with focus on compound safety assessment, and on mass production and cost reduction for the supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The Tsukuba Research Institute

The Institute, in alliance with academic and research institutions, undertakes advanced medical research freely from established concepts, exploratory research for analysis of disease-causing substances and new compounds that can control these substances, as well as research to verify the pharmacokinetics of discovered compounds.

Tsukuba Research Institute (Ibaraki)

Minase Research Institute (Osaka)

Fukui Research Institute (Fukui)