About Ono

Our Mission in Research and Development

Deliver our contribution to society by developing drugs that truly benefit patients

Keeping in mind our R&D mission “Deliver our contribution to society by developing drugs that truly benefit patients,” we are tackling diseases that remain unconquered as yet, and addressing areas that are high in healthcare needs where patient satisfaction with current treatment is low. Our discovery research aims to identify and develop innovative and breakthrough pharmaceutical products.

We had pursued our original path in drug discovery using the “Compound-Orient” approach to developing novel drugs by collecting a library of compounds that may act on various therapeutic targets such as bioactive lipids and enzyme inhibitors, and, through screening the library, identifying new drug candidates that would lead to treatments against disease. Utilizing this unique approach as the foundation, we now focus our resources on the research and development of drugs for cancer, auto-immune disease and neurological disease. We have specified these areas that have high medical needs as our priority areas of research and development.
In addition, we will continue promoting the open innovation strategy. In gaining leading-edge knowledge and technologies of biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions at home and abroad, our open innovation approach drives us to discover and deliver new drugs bringing with it breakthroughs in medical practice.

Clinical development plays a role in collecting data required for filing applications with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for marketing approval for prescription drugs. With the aim of obtaining marketing approval in the shortest time, we are speeding up our clinical development process by advancing mutual use of results from multinational clinical trials and other overseas studies.