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True Value of Drugs Enhanced by Proper Drug Information Supply, Gathering and Feedback

Even if a drug is an excellent product, it is of no value unless it can be used correctly in medical treatment and be delivered to those who are suffering from disease.
Moreover, drugs could determine life or death. It is of paramount importance that accurate information is supplied appropriately. Our Medical Representatives (MRs) shoulder this all-important role of communicating drug information.
MRs visit medical professionals to provide information on proper drug usage, as well as to provide and collect information on drug efficacy and safety. The mission of MRs is to contribute to society by providing healthcare support in collaboration with medical professionals for the benefit of patient treatment, in accordance with high ethical standards.

Information Sharing Framework Architecture

In addition to providing information, MRs uphold the importance of exchanging information with medical professionals to ascertain whether our drugs truly benefit each individual patient and their family throughout the course of the patient’s treatment.
ONO’s information-sharing framework enables our MRs to share across the company the valuable information they gather from the frontline of healthcare. Our MR-support website carries a wide variety of information, notably the Product Q&A, a resource based on analysis of all information accumulated to date, as well as safety information, promotional materials, information on academic societies, conferences and research papers, and information on sponsored seminars. We also have a system in place that allows all the MRs to access useful information at all times from their tablet devices.
All the MRs are equipped with highly secure smartphones. The smartphones feature a sales force automation (SFA) system that makes the entire sales process more efficient, as well as functions for using the FAQ system.
Our structure promotes information sharing and enables them quick responses to healthcare providers’ needs.

Relaying Up-to-date Drug Information to the Frontline of Healthcare

Medical technology undergoes daily advances and the same is true of pharmaceutical products. It is one of the roles of drug manufacturers to relay as quickly as possible up-to-date information about such drugs and to provide opportunities for information exchange. We actively provide information by organizing symposiums and seminars in conjunction with academic conferences held in Japan and overseas and through workshops and lectures in regional areas.
We are also putting efforts into disseminating disease information, for example, by putting summaries of up-to-date information on cancers in particular, as well as reviews by Japanese specialists, on our ONO Medical Navi website for medical practitioners and our ONO ONCOLOGY website, which contains information on cancer. Within that endeavor, we are directing efforts into the utilization of IT, holding more than 70 webinars each year, to allow for real time provision of information on disease treatment and our products.

Enhancement of MR Training Programs

We are enhancing MR training programs as we increase the investment in our MRs, for the sake of their development.
We provide training programs focusing on our products and related diseases and we also continuously provide training programs intended to familiarize MRs with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Code of Practice to build mutual relationships with researchers, medical professionals, and patient organizations. Training programs are delivered at Head Office and branches across the country to ensure that even amendments or supplementary articles are appropriately made known to all our MRs.
Moreover, MRs do on-site training at specialist institutions for dementia, diabetes, dialysis, and cancer to enable them to identify the needs of patients and their families for delivery of drugs that truly benefit patients.
In the field of dementia in particular, all our MRs have completed the Dementia Supporter Training Course — which aims to “get the facts straight on dementia, support people with dementia and their families, and carry on improving the amenity of everyday life for all members of society” — and work in a supporter capacity.
We enjoy the support and cooperation of medical institutions for these efforts.
Experience that cannot be gained only through normal MR activities is incorporated into marketing work that distinguishes ONO MRs from the rest, aiming to truly benefit patients and place importance on the views of patients and their families.

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